Behavioral Techniques

The ‘stop-start’ and ‘squeeze’ techniques are designed to increase the feeling of control over ejaculation. They involve a series of exercises practiced over time.

The basic principle is to stimulate the penis until just before the point of ejaculation, and then stop stimulation until arousal decreases. This can be done alone or with a partner.

These techniques work best in stable relationships because they require the committed assistance and understanding of a partner to be effective.

Do ask your doctor for further explanation on behavioral techniques.

What is the ‘stop-start’ technique?

The ‘stop-start’ technique is simply stimulating the penis until the man feels that he is just about to ejaculate and then stopping that stimulation. He allows the arousal to subside and then starts the stimulation again. This is done 3 to 4 times before ejaculating.

This can be done initially by the man on his own until he learns to control his ejaculation and once he is confident, he can then involve his partner. The partner can then do the same process for him. Delaying ejaculation using this method allows the man to learn when ejaculation is likely to occur.

What is the ‘squeeze’ technique?

The squeeze technique is where the man squeezes just the top end of the penis when he is just about to ejaculate. Then allowing the arousal to subside and then starts the process again.

This is similar to the ‘stop-start’ technique but instead of stopping and starting again, he uses the squeeze just towards the end of the penis and that allows the arousal to subside. This method can be painful and may be unpractical.

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