Talking to Your Doctor

Take Control of Ejaculation

If you think you have premature ejaculation and it is affecting your quality of life and sexual satisfaction, talk to your doctor about how you can improve control over ejaculation.

Raising the topic of premature ejaculation in a consultation can be difficult or even embarrassing. It can help to remember that your doctor deals with sexual health routinely, and that they can help you manage this condition. You can also make the conversation easier by preparing for your appointment using the tips below.

Before your appointment

Take some time to think about what you want to talk about. You might want to think about your symptoms, when they happen and what effect they are having on your life and on your partner.

Write some short notes to take with you to the appointment. They will be a useful backup if nerves set in, or use them as a checklist to make sure you talk about everything that’s been worrying you. Feel free to bring notes as well.

Get the conversation started

Tell your doctor at the start of the consultation that you have a sexual issue you’d like to talk about. You could start with:

“Doctor, I’d like to discuss my sexual health with you.”


“I’ve been hearing a bit about premature ejaculation recently. I’d like to talk to you about it.”

What to expect from your doctor

Raising the issue is the hardest part. What should follow is an open dialogue about the symptoms, how you feel about them, and how you can overcome your concerns.

Your doctor will probably ask you a series of questions. Some might be about your sex life or specifically about premature ejaculation. Others will be about your general health and lifestyle and might not seem related to premature ejaculuation. By being frank and honest with your answers, you’ll help the doctor understand your problem and recommend an appropriate treatment.

What happens after diagnosis?

If your doctor diagnoses you with premature ejaculation, the next step is to discuss treatment. There are a number of options available and your doctor will work with you to find a treatment solution that suits you.

Give honest feedback to the doctor regarding the treatment and how well it is working. You might need to try a couple of approaches before you find one that suits you.

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